About Me

A little bit about myself. My name is Peter Shah and since a very young age I have had a very keen interest in Astronomy and to give you and idea of how keen, at the age of six I attempted to make a telescope from my mothers spare pair of spectacles. Of course they were no use at all but I was convinced I could see the moon through them. Seeing how fascinated I was with the night sky, my parents purchased my very first real telescope a 50mm refractor which I spent hours looking through, sketching images of the moon and planets. By the age of twelve I was photographing the constellations with an old SLR camera that was a gift from my uncle.

Not having the budget for both a camera and a scope, I decided to go with a CCD camera instead. My first CCD camera was an MX5 from Starlight Xpress which I bolted on to the back of a kindly borrowed 10″ Schmidt Cassegrain telescope, with it I took a sixty second exposure of M57 the Ring Nebula, the alignment and tracking wasn’t the best but I got my very first deep sky image. Since that very first image, I was hooked progressing from scope to scope building my first back garden observatory under the light polluted skies of Birmingham.

Five observatories later I am now nestled in Powys, Mid Wales under some of the best skies in the U.K

My very first CCD image of M57 taken with an MX5 from Starlight Xpress and 10inch SCT back in the 1990′