La Palma Visit 2018

My son and I were lucky enough to be given a tour around the Issac Newton

and  William Herschel telescopes

Sagittarius and Scorpio rising above The William Herschel Telescope. Taken with my Sony A7s and Nikon 50mm lens. 3x 20s two panels dark frame subtracted.

Construction of another part of the Cherenkov Telescope Array

A view looking south over the Caldera

The Isaac Newton Telescope towers above m son Oliver age 10,

My son Oliver 10, outside the William Herschel Telescope.

Me above the clouds at the site of the William Herschel Telescope.

I watch the sunset just before a nights imaging session.

I have it all under control



Oliver and the William Herschel.

The Milky Way rises La Palma.
A ten panel mosaic photographed in May 2018 on my travels to the island. Sony A7s and canon 20mm lens at f5.6. It took 37 individual frames to create this image