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As an OOUK Astrograph Owner, I can identify with the needs you will want to concentrate on when buying a Telescope - specifically for Astro Imaging.


Here I recommend the OOUK model ranges best suited to Astrophotohraphy. Use the CONTACT FORM on this page if you need any help or advice and to let me know what you are interested in and I will get back to you. By following the links below, you will be directed to the specific Orion Optics UK Website pages. If you proceed with a purchase, please include the reference "REFPS" on the "Any Special Requests" section on the Shop Page - Thanks!


AG (Astrograph) Range
The AG Astrographs are exceptional performers on deep sky. Quality in optical and engineering design and, stringent quality control measures, assures the imaging process is capable of producing some of the finest images ever taken with amateur equipment I own and image with an AG.


ODK (Optimised Dall-Kirkham) Range
Apertures available are: ODK10: 250mm ODK12: 300mm ODK14: 350mm ODK16: 400mm. The full range is based on a focal ratio of f6.8, fast enough for some superb deep sky photo-visual use and, still have enough focal length for high resolution planetary work both visual and CCD applications.


CT (Advanced Newtonian) Range
An instrument that will surpass any other telescope in its class.
Sporting a Carbon Fibre tube and Ultra Grade Optics (1/10 PV waveront), CT Ultra Newtonians will astound you with their clarity and power.


VX (Newtonian) Range
Image quality is both excellent and consistent, one aspect has been to utilise a secondary mirror which is as small as possible to enable minimum obstruction without any undue reduction in field of view.


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